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Final Script


The objective was to create a 5 page script, minimum 5 pages. The script had to have a maximum of 3 characters.Of course there is extras and minor characters included. We had to relate to the characters, write a synopsis and amswer some questions before creating the script.

Here is my final


I actually like my script. It wasn’t bad from what I think. I actually enjoyed typing the script. I did follow the guidelines. I answered the characters, wrote a synopsis and my script is above. I like the storyline and am proud of this script. Some may say it is not that great, but I like the outcome.

Film Contest Film


The objective of our film was to create a film to enter in the film contest.  The film must fall under a certain category, in our case, we chose a documentary. Our documentary had to be at least 5 minutes long. We had to prepare questions to ask to the people being interviewed.

Here is the film


Overall I believe I did a good job. Maybe my editing could have been better. I think as  group, we did a good job overall. We goy good footage and I did good in adding the music. I really think I got my point across.

La Vie En Rose Paper


The objective of the assignment was to watch the movie La Vie En Rose. While watching the movie, you were suppose to take notes, while simultaneously watching the artistic view of the film. We were suppose to keep a close watch on the acting, cinematography, and directing of the film. Once the movie was over, then we were suppose to write a 3-5 page reflection on it.

Here is my paper.


Overall, I believe I did a decent job. I admit my brain was kind of dead that weekend because we had barely just started school. I did, however, complete the objective of this paper. I evaluated the acting, cinematography, and directing of La Vie En Rose. It was difficult to write 3-5 pages, I did not have much to say about the film.


We had to create a Curriculum Vitae, Resume, and include a headshot. We must fill out our information, but not include any personal information such as an adress. We could only include an email adress. Once we do this, we will eventually have to apply for a job in the Arts Media. We aren’t suppose to get hired just applied.




Curriculum Vitae



Overall I was confused on what we were suppose to do. The Headshot part was easy, but I wasn’t sure if the resume was suppose to be for a certain job or a standard resume for a high school student. I am not sure if I did the resume correctly or Cirriculm Vitae. I followed the templates that were provided from different sites on the web.



My objective was to create a commercial using any product. The commercial had to be something out of the box, something extraordinary or different. We had to brainstorm and then pitch the idea to our teacher. If we got approved, then we would go shoot and edit. The commercial had to be 30 second, no more no less.

My commercial


After we shot this I was concerned if we did good enough. I uploaded 10 minutes of footage and was suppose to cut it down to 30 seconds. I got frustrated and worked until the very end. In the end, I think it was my best work ever. It was probably my favorite video from last year. I was and still am proud of my video.


My objective was to take the various shots of light, using the human face. The shots that are taken are based on a list that is given. Once all the shots are taken, then they must be edited on photoshop.

Light on the Human Face


Overall, I think that the assignment was simple. With the help of other group members, I really did not have to do much except take the picture. The only thing I was on my own was editing and submiting. Still it was not that difficult. I started understanding the shots when I was inserting the pictures to the titles.

Camera Movement Lab


My objective is to construct a scene using the 14 shots of photography. The scene is about somebody walking around the corner into the room. A dolly shot must be used, along with various other shots. It must be edited and submitted.

The camera movement lab


After completing the project, I think it was my bext work of the year… so far. I liked the way the scene came out and the editing. I used the various angles and shots captured.


My objective was to work with a partner and take 14 pictures of the 14 kind of shots. Then we had to resize the images into a smaller size using photoshop. Once the images are resized then we put them into a word document and save them as a pdf. Once that was complete, we submit it.


Here are my 14 shots document:

Part 1

Part 2


When I was completing the assignment, I got frustrated. My partner was not cooperating as he should of. He did do good in taking 14 shots, along with my help, but failed to help me when it came to inputting the pictures and resizing them. He saved the pictures as pdf. making the picture too big for our us to turn in the pdf. file under 5 mb. I had to go back and change every picture by myself while my partner goofed off. Luckily, with the help of the teacher, I would finish the assigment after a very long period of time and turn it in.


My objective  was to create a script of a minimum of 3 pages. The script had to be based on our short story on the detention hall. The whole story, or most of the story had to take place in a detention hall. The detention hall can be anything, it can even be a magical realm if you wanted to make it


My Detention Hall Script


Overall I believe that I did a fair job. It seems like my script was not my best work, plus I was not trying as hard as I would normally. I might of have been sick that week and might of just wanted to get over it. Still, I did an average job.

Welcome to my online portfolio.


My objective for the project was to construct a script for the W.G.F. My script was to have a main character, a conflict, and i had to finish it by a deadline. The script had to be written on celtx and in proper format. Plus there were the changes we would have to make because the advice the writers guild instructors gave us would help better our scripts.

My script submitted to WGF.


I thought my script came out alright. I believe that I could of done better, but we were limited and censored from language and obscene scenes. Then there was the pressure and the constant distraction of changing something around from the W.G.F.